Southern Orthopaedics


Welcome to Southern Orthopaedics


Southern Orthopaedics is a group of specialist Orthopaedics in South Australia. We provide prompt and comprehensive orthopaedic care by expert doctors. Our specialities include: General Orthopaedics, Sports Injury, Upper Extremity, Hand, Shoulder, Foot and Ankle, Back and Spine Care.

Southern Orthopaedics is located within the Blackwood complex and offers assessment services to public and private patients experiencing orthopaedic complaints and are seeking a diagnosis and/or treatment plan from a team of respected orthopaedic specialist. Whether it be knee, ankle, shoulder or hips, we’re here to get you back on the road to recovery quicker and enjoying life by providing to you the right information on your condition.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and ensures quality healthcare in a comfortable setting. Along with orthopaedic care, we provide physical therapy based on the doctor’s recommendation.